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Piramide De Expansion

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: ACE MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Tools

The Pyramide de Expansion is a tool which naturally enriches and guides our external and internal universe to function at our highest potential by triggering the de-manifesting and manifesting vortexual  system to be in perfect balance.


The Piramide de Expansion is a tool, which naturally enriches and guides our external and internal universe to function at our highest potential by triggering the de-manifesting an manifesting vortexual system to be in perfect balance. In fact the pyramid represents th manifesting vortex and its mirror image on the base represents the de-manifesting vortex. There are several ways the environment can be out of balance such as; geopathic stress, UV or Infra Red radiation and so on.

What is Geopathic Stress?

We have all learned in school, through our Physics classes, that a magnet has an electromagnetic field. Similarly, a running stream of water underground also has a field and every other material found under the earth too. We human beings also have a field. Geopathic stress is the connection between the energies/field of the earth and people’s well being. If this field is parallel to our field then that’s great. However, the vibrations given out by different earth energies tend to decrease one’s immunity to fight off diseases. If certain energies cross our field when we are sleeping, such as - underwater currents - then there is a sort of stress or disturbance in our field. This cutting or crossing of the field causes our body to be imbalanced. In general, any stress arising from the earth, which is not congenial to humans is known as Geopathic Stress.

Signs of Geopathic Stress in the house:

1. Mould, lichen, moss on areas such as the roof, wall or lawn can be signs of Geopathic Stress.

2. Several animals such as dogs, cows and horses avoid areas which have Geopathic Stress. However, ants, wasps, bees and even cats are attracted to Geopathic Stress. Hence, if a house is surrounded by any of those following animals/creatures it could be a sign of Geopathic Stress.

3. A geological fault line may be indicated by the presence of cracks in walls, driveways, paving stones, kerbstones and roads.

4. A gap between hedges, may indicate the position of a line of geopathic stress crossing the hedge.

5. It could be a sign of geopathic stress if neighbors or previous occupants have been in poor health.

Geopathic Stress Solutions:

Ideally, we should leave a place which has Geopathic Stress. But because of rapid urbanization we don’t want to leave our space thus, we need to neutralize the stress. There are several devices that have been developed to clear a home of the negative energies. DRPF has taken one such successful device to the highest level of consciousness so that we could manifest, enrich and fulfill this goal of correction of Geopathic Stress, which is everlasting. The Piramide De Expansion not only pushes this stress deeper into the earth, but neutralizes the change in the individual. Moreover, it constantly works on correcting the disturbance if any and also expanding the very consciousness field of that space. The

Piramide De Expansion has an effect for several meters. It not only enriches the space, but also enriches the surrounding space such as the neighborhood. All these effects are measurable with the MEF Consciousness Scanner.


1) Request a certified Life Consultant to scan and locate the exact position of Geopathic Stress.

2) Activate the Piramide De Expansion under the guidance of a Life Consultant.

3) Ideally, the Piramde De Expansion should be placed in the center of the environment, which is being scanned. However, if it is not a good location to place the pyramid then an alternative location can be found by scanning.

4) It should be placed in a North-South Axis using the compass.

5) As per your personal beliefs you can chant / sing a hymn while doing the installation process. This inculcates the positive sound vibrations into the correction process.

6) Now that the installation process is complete you can ask the Life Consultant to measure the balancing field of influence the 12D Geo Environment Device has.

7) The owner of the home/office should actively go around the Piramide De Expansion in a 3.6 clockwise spiral from big to small followed by 3.6 clockwise spiral small to big. If other members of the home can do the same on a daily basis it would be very good.


This crystal unlike other crystals is not programmable and can be used by anybody.