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Business Environment Pack

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: DRPF MEF Environment Transformation

This is the Enterprise Environment Correction Pack.


This pack contains the Business Card along with 10L Stylo

Historically we already know the value and power of symbols, words, colors, paper and any form of matter, in which an essence of the same universal consciousness exists. All the knowledge has been assimilated, integrated and then imprinted on the Astro Series of Cards along with the MEF Science, which has thereby created a unique system.

The Astro Series of Cards help one repair and modify all the imbalances whether it is physically, mentally, and/or emotionally from the past, present and/or for the future. It is embodied to help enrich and balance at a customized level. It's a system, which helps one correct imbalance at the karmic, astrological, health (physically, mentally, and/or emotionally) and on spiritual levels.

This will help one to fulfill their very purpose of life, which is the unique desire of our spirit. Astro cards can be made to help for any imbalance in creation such as for ones family, home, business and/or environment. Remember these are powerful customized systems and help only the individual family, home or business whose name has been written Moksha, liberation, salvation and very purpose of life can be attained by anyone and anything at anytime.

There is no question of waiting - it happens and it happens in the NOW.

The ENTERPRISE SOLUTION CARD correct imbalance and help achieve success of the business.


  • Name of the business in the front of the card and the country in which the business is located.
  • Stick a photo, of the place of business with ALL members taking part in the business, at the back of the card in the middle with photo facing front of the card.
  • Write the names below of each person on the photo.
  • For more effective results place fingerprints of the owners and members with versatile oil on the back of the card.
  • On the front of the card go from the edge to the center in a clockwise fashion and activate each symbol by making a dot on its nine corners. Please note that you should use the DRPF Stylo to do this.
  • Once you have completed the activation of each symbol then make a 3.6 clockwise spiral over each symbol and the whole card.


Care of the Card

  • All Cards must be kept in a protective cover
  • Hang it in the place of business on the wall inside the entrance door.
  • Touch it every day when you come and go out with a heartfelt feeling and gratitude
  • Each member Daily touches or visualizes and expresses heart felt gratitude to the business and its success 9 times daily
  • Observe the changes happening



  • For adults use only not for children
  • And once activated it will only help that person/business etc.



Brief Description

The DRPF Stylo is a 2 Dimension Potent ACE to MEF tool that jumpstarts a speedy awareness, consciousness and energy enrichment process for self, others and ALL.

Benefits & Properties:

There are 2 ends to the DRPF Stylo. The writing end is considered as IN and the other end is considered as OUT. You may write your problem along with the resolution you want, with the Stylo, on a piece of paper on which you practice a consecutive 27 day or longer strengthening process, as described below, you will begin to see improvements.



Take one of the following positions before starting your self-treatment:

1 – Lie down straight on your bed.

2 – Sit down with back straight.

Note: Keep your eyes closed during the whole process. Hold the DRPF Stylo in your right hand facing the IN side to your body at all times. You do not need to touch the Stylo to your body. Make sure you do not move your wrist while making rotations with the Stylo, move your arm from your elbow.

Any rotations made starts with a clockwise spiral movement going from big to small (CONTRACTING). If you feel there is discomfort or a block that needs to open up, then the Stylo can be used in a clockwise spiral movement going from small to big (EXPANDING).

1. Take the Stylo above the center of your head and make a 3.6 contracting clockwise spiral movement.

2. Next, bring it to the point in between both your eyebrows on your forehead and do as above.

3. Direct it towards the middle of your neck in the front and do as above.

4. In front of the center of your chest and do as above.

5. Take it to the solar plexus area (below the chest area and above the naval) and do as above.

6. Next take the Stylo just below the naval and do as above.

7. At the pelvic region take the Stylo and do as above.

8. After activating the 7 chakras / nerve plexuses (in relation to our endocrine gland); make 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise rotations at all the joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle). When you finish the right shoulder move to the left shoulder, then move to the left elbow, right elbow, right wrist, left wrist and so on. Ensure that you balance both sides and never cross the body diagonally to go to the next joint.

9. Do 3 clockwise rotations from big to small for the right half of the body, 3 clockwise rotations from big to small for the left half of the body and a 3.6 spiral from big to small for the full body.

10. After completing the above steps keep your eyes closed for 9 / 18 / 27 minutes.

11. Slowly move your fingers and toes, rub your palms together and place it on your eyes.

12. Gently open your eyes. If you experience any dizziness, keep your eyes closed for a little while longer. Observe any changes you feel in your body.

Environment Correction

All the eight corners of the house OR room can be energized by the DRPF Stylo. Point the Stylo downwards and make 3.6 EXPANDING AND 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise rotations. Do it at all the 8 corners and center of the house OR room. It balances the entire area and energizes the entire room or house. It repairs the Vaastu also. We can energize the area of floor OR the room and the energy expands in all directions.

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