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DSR Shawl

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The Destiny Solution shawl keeps us in a balanced state and helps us

achieve our potential. On this shawl you will see representations of

Navagraha (nine planetary houses), nine elements and the twelve

seasons (raashis). As for the Navagraha, each of these planets have

specific vibrations in the cosmos, which relate to different aspects of

life and parts of our body.


  • Buddha (mercury) - intellect, speech, communication, skills
  • Sukra (venus) - love, pleasure, sex, happiness, manners, vitality
  • Chandra (moon) - peace of mind, motherly, nurturing
  • Kuja/Mangala (mars) - opinion/discipline, logic
  • Raahu (north or ascending lunar node) - obsession, attachment, distorted perception, psychic ability
  • Shani (Saturn) - ambition, responsibility, perseverance, capacity for hard work
  • Ketu Ketu (south or descending lunar node) - dissatisfaction, solitude, liberation
  • Guru (Jupiter) knowledge, expansion (children education) teacher, optimism
  • Surya (sun) - soul, confidence, consistency, power, self growth, development, father

.The nine elements below represent the guardians that are responsible for protecting the nine directions of the world. They are also known as the Ashta Dikpalakas

  • Ishana (Guardian of knowledge/ Shiva)– North East
  • Indra (Guardian of sky and rain) – East
  • Agni (Guardian of fire) – South East
  • Yama (Guardian of death) – South
  • Nirrti (Guardian of hidden realms and sorrows)– South West
  • Varuna (Guardian of water) – West
  • Vaayu (Guardian of wind) – North West
  • Kubera (Guardian of wealth) - North
  • Surya (Sun God) – the Central Sun

There are 12 Rashis. It signifies the placement of the moon during the time of birth of an individual. It is also known as our moon sign and holds great importance in the predictions of the daily life of an individual.

1) Mesha (Aries) 4) Karka (Cancer) 7) Tula (Libra) 10) Makara (Capricorn)

2) Vrishabha (Taurus) 5) Simha (Leo) 8) Vrischika (Scorpio) 11) Kumbha (Aquarius)

3) Mithuna (Gemini) 6) Kanya (Virgo) 9) Dhanu (Saggitarius) 12) Meena (Pisces)


Lastly, there are 27 nakshatras (constellations) forming a belt, against backdrop of which the zodiacs are considered. Nakshatras are the backbone of astrology. Below are the 27 nakshatras.

1) Ashwini 2) Bharini 3) Krittika 4) Rohini 5) Mrigasira

6) Ardra 7) Punarvaasu 8) Pushya 9) Aslesha 10) Magha

11) Purva Phalguni 12) Uttara Phalguni 13) Hasta 14) Chitra 15) Swati

16) Vishaka 17) Anuradha 18) Jyestha 19) Moola 20) Purvasadha

21) Uttaraasadha 22) Shravana 23) Dhanista 24) Satabisa 25) PurvaBhadrapada

26) UttaraBhadrapada 27) Revati


The mantras written on the Destiny Solution shawl are related to all of the above. It is there to help us invoke that particular aspect in us and bring about a balance in our health, wealth, wisdom, career, business, relationships and environment.

Moreover, placing the shawl from the crown chakra to the root chakra, while lying down will help you feel energized. Additionally, it could be wrapped / tied around any body part or organ to strengthen and balance the area. For instance, women can tie the DSR Shawl around their stomach to reduce menstrual pain.


Remarks: A cold handwash with gentle detergent is the preferred method of cleaning the DSR Shawl.